Sanima at the 1st International Water Association (IWA) Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

Sanima was invited to attend as one of the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance (CSBA) representatives at this global gathering. The current global landscape poses significant challenges in narrowing the gap in sanitation service provision. The consequences of climate change, coupled with growing water insecurity and population growth, make it urgent to explore new solution alternatives to ensure the right to sanitation for all individuals. In this context, the International Water Association (IWA) organized the 1st Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa, which took place from October 15 to October 18, 2023. This conference marked a milestone in disseminating knowledge and exchanging experiences that contribute to eliminating inequalities in sanitation service provision through effective and innovative solutions. Sanima, a pioneering Peruvian organization in South America in the implementation of Container-Based Sanitation (CBS), actively participated in this gathering alongside other member organizations of the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) that provide similar services worldwide, such as Soil (Haiti), Loowatt (Madagascar and South Africa), Fresh Life (Kenya), Sanivation (Kenya), among others. This gathering provided an opportunity to learn about the progress and work undertaken by a growing community of innovators, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs proposing valuable solutions to close the gap in sanitation service provision worldwide. What is the CBSA?  The Container-Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) is a coalition of organizations worldwide that share a global vision where access to dignified, safe, and affordable sanitation is no longer out of reach for families and communities in densely populated urban areas. Sanima is one of the founding members of the CBSA. For more information on the 1st IWA Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, visit: 

Publicado en November 17, 2023