Nuestro impacto

Our impact

Today, more households that still lack connection to the public water and sewerage network have an alternative to ensure their right to sanitation, reducing health and well-being risks associated with pit latrine usage.

What is the scope of our service?








in three districts in southern Lima, Peru.

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We are an organization that helps solve sanitation problems and contribute to the quality of life of many families. That’s why it’s so important to be in direct contact with them, to know their experiences, and understand their needs.

Madelina Anampa,
Sales Team Coordinator

Our user households report higher levels of well-being than non-users. Additionally, they express high satisfaction with the Sanima service.

What do user households perceive about the Sanima service?

9 out of 10 Sanima households are satisfied with the service.

Sanima households record higher well-being scores than non-users (+11%).

91% of Sanima households makes timely payments for their service.


It gives us a well-being that we didn’t enjoy before. It’s cleaner, more hygienic, and also keeps us free from diseases.

Cesar Caballero,
President of a community dining hall and
former community leader of Pamplona Alta

Our service contributes to reducing pollution in the areas where we operate.



tons of waste

that could be polluting people’s environment
have been collected and disposed of safely as
part of the Sanima service.

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