What do we do?

What do we do?

We have established the largest waterless sanitation network in South America. Our Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) service is transforming the lives of thousands of people and revolutionizing the traditional sanitation system worldwide.

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More than 7,500 people use the Sanima service, increasing their well-being and reducing risks associated with pit latrine usage.

Our service model

We provide Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) service through a monthly subscription.

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We promote the service in areas still lacking connection to the water and sewage networks.

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We installed a dry toilet inside the household and provide training to the family for its use.

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We collect waste weekly and dispose of it safely.

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We offer constant customer service and technical assistence to our users.

We cover 80% of the service cost, through donations and applied-for funds. while households cover the remaining percentage.

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Our experience has received over 10 national and international awards and has been selected as a case study by the World Bank (WB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


Large-scale Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) contributes to closing the sanitation service gap in Peru.