Sanima participated in the “United for Water and Sanitation” forum organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Sanitation

This event aimed to engage diverse organizations in tackling the pressing challenges of water and sanitation provision in Peru. Held on September 7 and 8, the forum facilitated presentations, analyses, and discussions on the global and national landscapes of water and sanitation services. It also addressed the progress, hurdles, and strategies concerning the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 and sustainability in delivering these essential services. Furthermore, the gathering sought commitment towards achieving nationwide coverage of safe drinking water and sanitation. During the event, participating organizations were invited to endorse the National Pact "United for Water and Sanitation". This pact aims to galvanize various entities to address the critical issues in water and sanitation provision while striving to meet the targets set by SDG 6. Sanima joined the signing of this agreement alongside state institutions, the private sector, international cooperation, the academic sector, civil society, grassroots social organizations, indigenous organizations, and other stakeholders. MVCS leads this pact and will spearhead the coordination and integration of efforts. Sanima highly values and supports the MVCS initiative, emphasizing collaboration and joint coordination efforts. It remains committed to sharing its expertise and experiences in implementing Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) as an effective approach to bridging the sanitation gap in urban areas.

Publicado en November 17, 2023