Sanima Provides Feedback on MOOC on Water, Sanitation, and Corruption

As an expert organization in sanitation, Sanima was invited to a workshop to discuss and provide feedback on the contents of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) "Human Settlements in Lima: Corruption, Integrity, and Access to Water and Sanitation" organized by the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and Urbes-Lab.

This MOOC offers a valuable opportunity to understand the impacts of corruption and lack of integrity in water and sanitation services, and to identify potential solutions. It considers three different spatial scales: city, neighborhood, and household, allowing for a spatial analysis of the impacts of this issue in human settlements.

During the workshop, Arturo Llaxacondor, General Manager of Sanima, shared over 10 years of experience in providing Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) services in human settlements in Lima that still lack connection to the public water and sewer network.

The MOOC will be available free of charge on the Cap-Net platform starting in August 2024. For more information, you can check the following link:

This initiative is led by the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and Urbes-Lab, in cooperation with the Research Center for Architecture and the City at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), which is part of the Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS) based at the Technical University of Berlin.

Publicado en March 20, 2024