Sanima and Habitat for Humanity International Promote the Development of Dignified and Safe Housing in Peru

Over the last 20 years, cities in Peru have grown by 50% above the Latin American average. This growth has been 93% informal (social housing supply represents only 1% of the total) and has been characterized by the settlement of people in peripheral areas without urban planning: without property titles, basic services, or infrastructure (Espinoza … Read more

Multisectoral panel on the water and sanitation crisis

To discuss the critical situation of water and sanitation provision and to present innovative alternative solutions, the Faculty of Management Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) organized the multisectoral panel “The Water and Sanitation Crisis in Human Settlements of Lima, Peru” on April 25. The panel included Max Carbajal, General Director of … Read more

PUCP and Sanima join forces to strengthen Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) service that benefits over 7,500 people in Lima

In a joint initiative reflecting the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru’s (PUCP) commitment to equity in access to basic services and sustainable development, the Specific Collaboration Agreement between the Faculty of Science and Engineering at PUCP and Sanima was formalized on April 18, 2024. This agreement focuses on generating innovations to strengthen and enhance the … Read more

Sanima Provides Feedback on MOOC on Water, Sanitation, and Corruption

As an expert organization in sanitation, Sanima was invited to a workshop to discuss and provide feedback on the contents of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Human Settlements in Lima: Corruption, Integrity, and Access to Water and Sanitation” organized by the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and Urbes-Lab. This MOOC offers a valuable opportunity to … Read more

Sanima Visits CBSA Partners in Nairobi

As part of the final phase of the “Scaling Off-Grid Sanitation Solutions” project, Sanima conducted an exchange visit with the organizations SOIL and Fresh Life, which are also members of the Container Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) and implement Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) in Haiti and Kenya, respectively. The meeting, held in Nairobi, Kenya, included the participation … Read more

Sanima management visits partner Separett in Sweden

Sanima renewed its commitment with Separett, its main partner to address the sanitation provision challenge in Lima, Peru. In June of this year, Sanima conducted a visit to the Separett production plant located in Värnamo, Sweden. The purpose of this visit was to provide Separett with updated information on the sanitation provision situation in Lima, … Read more

Sanima was part of the “Dialogues for a Sustainable Peru” at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)

Sanima’s experience providing Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) service was shared in PUCP’s “Safe and Sustainable Housing and Sanitation” session. Sanima was invited to share its expertise in the area of sustainable sanitation alongside key leaders and agency representatives in “Management Dialogues for a Sustainable Peru,” an event on August 24, 2023, organized by the Pontifical Catholic … Read more

Sanima participated in the “United for Water and Sanitation” forum organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Sanitation

This event aimed to engage diverse organizations in tackling the pressing challenges of water and sanitation provision in Peru. Held on September 7 and 8, the forum facilitated presentations, analyses, and discussions on the global and national landscapes of water and sanitation services. It also addressed the progress, hurdles, and strategies concerning the achievement of … Read more

Sanima at the 1st International Water Association (IWA) Non-Sewered Sanitation Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

Sanima was invited to attend as one of the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance (CSBA) representatives at this global gathering. The current global landscape poses significant challenges in narrowing the gap in sanitation service provision. The consequences of climate change, coupled with growing water insecurity and population growth, make it urgent to explore new solution alternatives to … Read more

World Toilet Day in Pamplona Alta (Lima, Peru)

The research findings of “Scaling Off-Grid Solutions for Sanitation” will be presented to residents of Pamplona Alta, Lima, Peru. As a leading expert in the field, Sanima has been supporting the research initiative “Scaling Off-Grid Solutions for Sanitation” which aims to understand the challenges, demands, and issues related to water and sanitation access in Peru, … Read more